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Bracelet Sizing

Image on how to correctly measure your wrist for your wrist size

To ensure a proper fit for a bracelet, you need to measure your wrist size. You can use a fabric measuring tape, wrap around your wrist near your wrist bone and get size. You can also use a string or a strip of paper. Again,  wrap it around your wrist near your wrist bone, mark it and put it against a ruler to get your actual wrist size. See chart for reference.

Bracelet Reference Sizing Chart

X-Small 5-6"
Small 6-7"
Med 7-8"
Large 8-9"

Necklace Lengths

Necklace Chain Length Chart

The average chain length is between 16-20 inches. On an average size person the necklace will fall as follows:

14" Collar

15-17" Choker-Base of Neck

17-19" Princess Length-On The Collarbone

20-24" Matinee Length-Between The Collarbone and Bust

28-37" Opera Length-From Top of Bust to Slightly Below

37-60" Rope/Lariat Length-To The Waistline or Longer

For smaller or larger size necks, reduce/increase a couple of inches. This diagram is for general guidance, as sizing can vary from person to person.

Bead Size Chart

Bead Size Chart
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